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Clouds reflecting in the water - Tasmanian beach Today's photo theme post is all about reflections. It seems to be that time of year (the end) when we look back upon what we’ve done in the previous year, and wonder what the future may hold for us ahead. I have a post about that too, certainly, but if words aren’t your thing, here are some photos from previous trips where you get twice as much goodness than normal, due to the wonder of reflected light.

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Flooded tree reflection, Otways National Park, Victoria, Australia

Tree stump in the Otways National Park, Victoria, Australia.

Byron Bay Beach - New South Wales - Australia

Reflections on the beach at sunset, Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Cathedral Gorge - Bungle Bungles - Australia

Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles National Park, Western Australia, Australia. 

Lagoon Beach Sunset reflection - Tasmania

Reflections at sunset at Lagoon Beach, Tasmania, Australia.

Clouds reflecting in the water - Tasmanian beach 2

Sky reflections in the water, Tasmania Beach, Tasmania.

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