In photos: Kalbarri coastline and national park


Australia has a lot of coastline – nearly 26,000km of the stuff, according to the CIA world fact book. Driving that distance in a straight line would take you half way around the world.

Quite a lot of this coastline is spectacular. Today I’m highlighting the coastline around Kalbarri, which is about half way down the Western Australia coast, just north of Geraldton.

This stretch of coastline is reminiscent of Victora’s Great Ocean Road – and in fact, when I posted a sneak preview of these shots on my facebook page many commentators thought that this was that famous stretch of coastline.

Unlike the Great Ocean Road though, this bit of coastline is less trafficked and more isolated. As well as the coastline, there is also a beautiful interior national park featuring stunning bush scenery, gorges, and rock formations, which is worth spending some time exploring. On now, to the photos!

Beach and headland Kalbarri

The beaches are home to some pretty epic waves. Surfing is big round here!

Kalbarri coastline beach sand

Where the rocks give way to sand, looking north along the coast.

More cliffs

It is a bit like that ocean road!

Waves carshing on the coastline of Kalbarri Western Australia

The waves discourage casual swimming.

kalbarri national park western australia

And this is the inland bit of the national park

Looking through the archway Kalbarri national park

Looking through the arch rock up the gorge

That was Kalbarri and surrounds in photos! Have you visited? There is plenty of exploring to do, and the town of Kalbarri makes a good base. As well as just seeing the sights, there are a whole bunch of walks that can be done, both along the coast and in the bush wilderness. You can get more information on this park, and lots of other WA parks, at the DEC site.

I often get asked what gear I use for my photos. Check out my full Photography Gear post to find out!

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