21 Spectacular Photos From Around the World: XVI

dubai roundabout night lights-smoothed - scaled

Time to share another series of some of our most popular photos as shared on the site’s Facebook Page! We love sharing these images from our travels – and almost 300,000 folks are following along now, which is pretty awesome.

Since the last update, we’ve travelled to Dubai, Milan, Finland and Spain, so naturally photos from those locations have been featuring, as well as other shots from our travels.

Let’s get going with Edition 16 – if you like these, don’t miss the previous editions! Also, you can click any photo in this post to be rewarded with a slide show of all of them, if reading text is just too much work.

Bats emerge from cave sunset Khao Yai National Park Thailand

Thailand to start with – here bats emerge at dusk from caves near the Khao Yai National Park. I’ve never seen anything quite like it – there are millions of them, and they form spectacular ribbons in the air as they come out to hunt.

Mount Taranaki-001

This picture never gets old for me. It’s Mount Taranaki in New Zealand, which in my mind is the most rewarding day hike you can do in this spectacular country. Read this to find out why.

Sagrada Familia internal HDR 1.png - scaled

The ceiling of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is mind blowingly spectacular. It’s the pinnacle of Gaudi’s creative genius in this city, and if you only visit one of his works, then make it this one.

Red roses white city ostuni - scaled

A quick detour to the white city of Ostuni in the Puglia region of Italy. Italy is one of my favourite countries in Europe, and I’m hoping to spend more time here in the coming months!

kicker rock Galapagos - scaled

Kicker Rock off San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos was home to the best snorkelling we’ve ever done. If you want to visit these amazing islands, I’ve put together a couple of resources for you, one to help you plan your overall trip, the other focusing on visiting San Cristobal Island as an independent traveller. Enjoy.

Train devils nose switchback view ecuador nariz diablo - scaled

Also in Ecuador, this is a shot from the Devil’s Nose Train Ride on the mainland – one of the world’s most spectacular train ride. Heck of a view, I think you will agree.

Statue by the berlin dom black and white scaled

Earlier on in 2014 I led a photowalk around Berlin. This is from that day, which was a lot of fun.

Colourful houses of Girona scaled

We were back in Girona ever so briefly this summer! I love the colourful houses by the river, and tried to get a slightly different shot to those I captured last time round.

Dune de Pilat france scaled

We are based in France, although you might not know it given how little time we seem to spend exploring around us! We tried to change that recently, with a trip to the Dune de Pilat – the largest sand dune in Europe!

milky way over france scaled

Another one from France, where the skies are remarkably clear it has to be said. If you’re interested in astrophotography and learning how to take shots like this, don’t miss our newsletter where I share secrets of capturing shots like this.

Mangawhero Falls

New Zealand is reliably beautiful, pretty much wherever you go. This is Mangawhero Falls, on the North Island, part of the Tongariro National Park.

Besaulu Bridge

We recently re-visited the town of Besalu in Spain. The first time round, I was only there long enough to grab some shots of the bridge like this one. This time though, we had more time, and have shared our tips for what to do in Besalu.

Freiburg cathedral scaled

The town of Freiburg in south-western Germany is said to be the sunniest place in the country. I can’t comment on that, but it was certainly very pretty.

Twin falls

Kakadu national park is a must-visit if you’re in Australia’s Northern Territory. These are the Twin Falls in the dry season – imagine what they’d be like in the wet!

Ireland beach clouds sky reflection - scaled

This is the a beach in Ireland, at the start of the stunning Dingle pensinula coastal drive. At least, I am reliably informed it’s spectacular. When we visited, it rained so much we could barely see anything. Still, it made for some moody shots…

Christ the redeemer statue Rio scaled

At the end of 2013 we spent a few days in Rio. This is a shot of downtown, with the Christ the Redeemer statue on the mountain in the background.

Finland lake view - scaled

I promised you a shot from Finland! This is a lake in Nuuksio National Park, just a short drive from the city of Helsinki. You can read more of my experiences in Finland here.

sunset over Costa brava scaled (1 of 1)

And we spent time exploring the countryside around Girona in the Catalan countryside.

Waterfall Spain scaled

Another one of those waterfall shots, this time in the Pyrenees foothills of Spain. I’ve been asked a few times how I achieve that fluffy water effect – all I can say is sign up to our newsletter to learn our photography secrets!

sunset st estephe France scaled

And we’ll finish this edition on a sunset, this one take over the lake of St. Estephe in the Dordogne region of France. And that’s it for this round-up post. Until the next time…

I often get asked what gear I use for my photos. Check out my full Photography Gear post to find out!

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