An overview of 4KPhoto with Panasonic Lumix


As you might be aware, I’ve been playing around recently with the awesome Panasonic Lumix GX8, a wonderful micro four thirds format camera that has let me capture some great moments, both ballooning in Costa Brava, and exploring Marrakech.

The key new feature of the camera is a new “4K Photo” mode, which lets you record bursts of high quality video, and then pull out images from that – ensuring that you never miss a moment. Panasonic asked me to talk you through it, most logically in video form, and so that is exactly what I’ve done in the video embed below. Obviously, I have used a cat as the main subject, because, well, cats.


I’d love to hear what you think – is this a feature you see yourself using? Here are a couple of shots of that cat too, grabbed as stills from the 4KPhoto video I shot to give you an example of what’s possible when you’re shooting at 30 frames a second!

Cat sequence-4


Cat sequence-9


I’ve got more to come – in particular some shots of monkeys in Morocco that have come out really well – if you're interested in those, check out all my posts on my 4KPhoto experiences, here..

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