Botany, continued


Well, when I started this blog, all of perhaps a week ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to be writing about. Witticisms about life I thought. The excitement of travelling from place to place with nary a care in the world. Instead I find myself talking to the world at large about my brothers ongoing attempts at plant care.

Still, I started this whole thing with a discussion on his botanicide of my chilli plant, so I feel that it is only fair to point out that he did succeed somehow in keeping my dragon palm tree thing alive, as the photo shows. The plant in the foreground is what is left of the chilli tree, for reference. I’m not sure it’s going to stage a recovery.

I know, the excitement builds and builds. What next you wonder? Where can we take this next? Shots of paint drying perhaps? Cricket commentary? Tomorrow there will be all you can eat sushi at some point. Plus meeting a large part of the remainder of the family of the girlfriend. All of whom are roughly twice as tall as me from what I can tell. Should be interesting. More so than the ongoing botanical updates? I guess we’ll have to find out.

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