IMG_3937-1Today Vera has wandered off on an errand, assisting a housemate with the delivery of a truck. This actually sounds quite exciting, but involved a worryingly early start, so I elected to stay in bed. This has left me alone in the house, as everyone who lives here has this thing called a job, which I am pretty sure I should probably look into getting at some point. It would make my parents happy at least. Although I’m not sure the job market for non-German speaking vagrants In Germany is particularly flourishing, especially in a country where the economy is going through one of it’s most severe belt tightening times in 65 years.

This leaves me alone in the house, except I’m not actually alone. There are two cats here who I may have mentioned. Their names will follow at some point, when I work out how to spell them. They are rather fat, and although they started off a little aloof towards me, have warmed nicely. This morning I woke to find one happily sleeping across my feet, the other curled up on a blanket at the foot of the bed. They live in a very exciting world of expectation. Expectation that every time I move anywhere in the house, it is with the main purpose of feeding them. These, I should stress, are not cats that need a lot of feeding. A lot of feeding has already occurred. But still, they live in eternal hope. They manage to convey a sense of on the edge of famine with their eyes, eyes that bore into your soul and force you to move towards their food bowls in a trance like state. I have managed so far not to succumb, but it is only a matter of time before they control my every motion, puppet masters as they are.

Yesterday I spent a while rolling my dreadlocks, which could warrant a post all to itself. In fact, it will. But in summary, if you ever thought getting dreadlocks was the easy way out of hair care and maintenance, I would urge you to radically change your opinions.

Finally for now, I’m booked to come to the UK to visit the London based contingent of my family (brother) and friends for a very long weekend from the 8th of July. Shout if you want to hook up. Assuming I actually know you that is. Although meeting strangers is always fun :)

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