Happy Birthday

Today I am pleased to report is my Dad’s birthday. I can’t quite remember how many years he has racked up by now, but I am pretty sure his beard is older than me at least. The usual mechanism for happy birthday wishes on the internet, that of the facebook wall post, is not available for dear old padre, as he eschews such modern technology, so I will have to resort to something more old fashioned, such as a Skype call. The telephone itself is rapidly becoming assigned to the status of carrier pigeon in today's world.

In other news, a friend of mine has recently moved into his new house in London, and is no doubt wondering how to best re-decorate said new abode. I predict many trips to Ikea, a racking up of orange B&Q receipts, and many hours pondering over Dulux colour cards trying to work out what exact shade of cream to buy. I wish him all the best in this endeavour.

Out here in the fantasy world that I appear still to somehow be living in, the attic room we sleep in is revealing, via the means of a shaft of sunlight through the window, that the weather may finally be picking up. As it is a weekend, a term that still vaguely registers in my mind as being yet another reason to get beer, I expect some beer will be purchased, and perhaps a walk will be undertook. Stories have been shared of a nearby lake, so perhaps an investigation in that direction will be undertaken. There are two bicycles here that we have the use of, although some tyre maintenance may be necessary before launching ourselves down the wrong side of the road and into the traffic. Enjoy yourselves.

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