Lakes and castles

IMG_2512 Having recently written about castles, I noticed that the context sensitive Google adwords system went a bit castle loopy and started offering up castles for sale. I’m not sure who, after reading a blog post about castles, casually decides to purchase one, but perhaps my readers are more financially endowed than I realised. Or Google is easily confused. Not much on the dragon sale front sadly, although the rest of the adverts are heavily preoccupied with beer. Excellent stuff.

It is toasty warm over on the continent at the moment, at least in the Germanic part. This is not too much of an issue, as there is a conveniently located lake mere minutes walk away. At weekends this becomes full of people cooling off, and we popped up there today for a dip as the thermometer is easing past thirty. Perhaps this doesn’t seem overly warm to my Australian readership, but I know it’s a temperature that would probably be culling the elderly in the UK and causing trains to fall off melting tracks.

The lake was a lot warmer than I had expected it to be. Ok, it was no Lake McKenzie (the lake in the picture, which was the last lake I swam in, located on Fraser Island off the Queensland coast), but it was clear and refreshing. It was also over half a kilometre wide… we made it about half way across before turning back, I predict that before I leave Germany a full swim there and back will be made.

Now, it’s off to a friends house with cold beer to watch the England / Germany match. I suspect I will be in the minority supporting camp, but it should at least make for an interesting game. Whichever side wins, the sun is shining and the beer is cold. Can one need more from life?

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