Scrambled eggs

Ok food lovers, I will give in to your needs and give you a recipe for instantly impressive breakfast. Presumably you have a need to create instantly impressive breakfasts. After all, who doesn’t?

Over in Australia, it is possible to buy smoked mussels for the bargainiferous price of a dollar a can, homebrand style. I did a taste test of these against your standard John West smoked mussel, and couldn’t tell the difference. I was less impressed by the smoked oyster offering. I am not sure as to the availability of cheap smoked mussels in Europe, perhaps another reason to move to Australia permanently. Anyhow.

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg is a fairly common theme, but smoked mussels are somewhat cheaper, and even come in oil. Here is what you do.

Take one can of smoked mussels. Open it, and pour the oily goo into a frying pan. If you are feeling lavish, add some butter. Scrambled eggs always taste better with butter. Crack some eggs (quantity dependant on number of people, I’d say factor in two to three eggs per person) into a bowl and whisk.

In your pan, which you will have heated to a medium heat by now I expect, chuck in the eggs, to which you could have added some black pepper if you so desired. With a spatula type device, stir away. Add some toast to a toaster. Keep on moving the eggs around the pan, ensuring they don’t stick. Just before they are done, which is the point after which they stop being so goopy and before the point they become dried out crusted yellow powder, chuck in some rocket leaves. Rocket is an all round winner. I find throwing rocket on top of anything makes it instantly impressive. The rocket will wilt pleasurably in the pan.

Serve on toast. The toast can be buttered, or carefully spread with mayonnaise. Add more rocket leaves if so desired. Et voila, scrambled eggs with smoked mussels. Cheap, impressive, tasty. What more could one want ;)

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