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MilfordSound I am pretty excited. In just over five weeks the next phase of my adventure will begin, as I depart the slowly darkening skies of Europe, and arrive at the slowly lightening skies of New Zealand.

With this in mind, I have been doing some research into my destination. Obviously, a Lonely Planet has been purchased. They aren’t referred to as travellers bibles for nothing. The internet has also been a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas. I thought that a summary of some of the better pieces I have read recently to whet my appetite may be in order, to give you an idea of what is to come.

Top 7 Natural Wonders of New Zealand’s South Island (Travels with a mate). From giant round boulders, to glaciers, to penguins. New Zealand’s South Island clearly has a lot going for it on the natural wonders front, and this article handily sums up a top seven not to miss out on.

Five best drives in New Zealand (backpackingmatt). I fully intend to be purchasing some sort of vehicle, so knowing where to drive to is kinda handy. Matt documents five drives he thinks are unmissable. With a year before me, I think I should be able to take them all in.

Five roads less travelled in New Zealand (A dangerous business). When I’m done with the five best drives, I expect I’ll still have a bit of time left over.  A year is a long time. I’ll want to get off the beaten path. Luckily, here is a post documenting five less travelled roads. I know, it’s as if these folk know I am going.

Great reasons to visit New Zealand (nomadicmatt). Matt does appear to be a popular name in travelling circles. Or at least in the travelling to New Zealand and writing about it circles which I am currently swimming around in. Nomenclature aside, Nomadic Matt has taken some time to put together his reasons to visit New Zealand, covering a variety of aspects beyond just the natural beauty of the place. I know, I hardly need more reasons, my ticket is already booked. Nothing wrong with more excitement though. Happily, Matt has catered to my possible needs already, with a list of New Zealand travel tips.

33 Reasons to visit New Zealand (tntdownunder). If all of the above hadn’t already excited me, then this list of thirty three reasons certainly does. Whilst some of the ideas are a tad out of my forecast price range (helicopter trips to glaciers?), the ones that aren’t (visiting Mordor!) sound excellent.

Well, hopefully this has been interesting for you. If you are aware of further content on New Zealand, or have written a piece yourself, feel free to bring my attention to it in the comments below! Also, if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to check out my summary of summaries that I published last week, which rounds up the best of the weeks travelling content, as picked out by other travel bloggers.

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