Great reads from January 2011

The writings I find in toilets are often quite weird At risk of giving myself a task that I have to stick to, (always a concern) I’m going to do my best at publishing a monthly look back at some great writing that has amused, inspired or interested me from the online travel blogging world. These could be articles that tell a great story, share useful information, or have some great photos.

This month, I’m starting off the series with a range of writings, from tales of bribery, to ponderings on meditation, to saving money: Chiang Mai style. There’s a mix of well known sites through to smaller, newer blogs, and hopefully, something here to tickle every fancy. Enjoy, and see the text at the end for how to get your article considered for next months roundup!

When to bribe, how to bribe, do you bribe: Todd’s Wanderings

The sticky topic of corruption and bribery is the subject of this post from Todd, and he manages to take a contentious issue and turn it into a genuinely amusing read, as well as featuring one of the more amusing lines in travel blogging that I have read for a while. I won’t spoil the surprise, head on over and give it a read for yourself!

What is meditation?: Ross Roams

I’ve only recently come across Ross’s site as a result an interview he did with Amanda over at A Dangerous Business. This article might not be for everyone, but it is a pretty interesting read looking at what Ross gets out of meditation, and how it has helped him both in his travels and his life. I’m looking forward to reading more of his travels.

Budget travel in Africa: yTravelblog

I have spent some time travelling in Africa, but it has either been with family or friends, so I’d never seen Africa as an easy budget place to travel. Caz disavows me of this notion, with an excellent article on how her and Craig achieved seven months of travel on what could be described as a seriously economical budget. This article is one of a series, the others are excellent too! 

Making money with your travel blog: Travel blog challenge

There are various strategies for making money out of a travel blog, ranging from selling expertise in the form of an ebook, to selling text ads, to sponsored posts, and more. These can be complicated and confusing waters for the novice travel blogger to start swimming in – luckily Amar Hussain has come to the rescue with a three part series detailing the sorts of options out there, the pricing, and how to deal with and attract advertisers.

As well as the actual articles, the comments from other bloggers are a goldmine of information. If you run any kind of blog and are wondering what this monetization thing is all about – this is a must read!

Chiang Mai on the Cheap: Unbrave Girl

If you ever read advice on how to write a successful travel blog, it will list all sorts of things you need to do. These involve being concise, adding lots of photos, and the mystical world of SEO. When you visit Sally’s site, on the other hand, you will see that it is entirely possible to run a great travel blog by happily ignoring all of the rules, and waffling on endlessly about cookies and pants.

This entry focuses on how to experience an Asian city on the cheap, and comes with some slightly disturbing imagery of the pink leather kind. I did warn you. So does she.

If you can't take advice from bumper stickers on rubbish bins - where can you take it from..

Well, those were some of my favourite reads for January 2011. I’m planning on doing something like this near the end of every month – if you spot (or write!) something that you think I should be including for February, either post it in the comments, let me know on the Facebook page, or head over to the contact page. The only criteria is that it needs to have been published during the month of February.

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