Great Places to Eat in Brighton

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Today’s featured post on eating out in Brighton was provided by Nikolai. I know the UK used to get a bad rap for food (check out my top English dishes here), but that, I am happy to say, is certainly no longer the case, as today’s post helps illustrate!

Brighton’s unique and varied culture is evident in many things around the city. It can be seen in the eclectic mix of music that can be found here, the architecture, shops and also in the food. You’re sure to find your favourite cuisine here, plus many other dishes and fusions you may not have even considered.

Take a trip to the city that has fusion at its core and explore all the sights, sounds and tastes it has to offer.

Fishy Fishy

This is a great place to eat if you like, yes you’ve guessed it, fish! Fishy Fishy is owned by television presenter Dermot O’Leary and has a great menu full of locally sourced fish that changes seasonally according to what is being fished and what vegetables are in season.

There is a heavy emphasis on sustainability here and great effort is made to ensure ingredients are fished in the most sustainable ways possible, including panning crab through larger pans so that smaller ones may have a chance to grow and reproduce. The restaurant itself is located in the South Lanes near to the Royal Pavilion, and is housed in a Grade 2 listed building making a dining experience here a treat for all the senses.

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Yum Yum Ninja

This fabulous Pan Asian restaurant is the little sister of another very popular local eatery in Brighton, Riddle and Finns. Yum Yum Ninja lives up to its family reputation with its fusion of eastern and western mains, Asian style tapas, and dim sum amongst its offerings.

Being Brighton there is plenty of fish on the menu too so the mix of ingredients and cultures produces incredible dishes such as cuttlefish and water chestnut fish cakes, and soy glazed spatchcock quails & Sussex lobster. The restaurant is on Meeting Place Lane and is a great place to experience fusion food at its finest, with dining areas, private entertainment sections and an award winning cocktail bar.

Terre à Terre

Whether you are vegetarian or not, vegetarian meals can be delicious as well as healthy if cooked the right way. Terre à Terre is an example of vegetarian food done right, and not the usual plain or cheese dishes that veggies often have to endure.

Voted best vegetarian dining by the Observer food awards in 2008 the food here is simply amazing and the fact that there’s no meat in it is an afterthought once you’ve tried their food. Try a sharing platter for combinations of flavours you will not have experienced before. There are vegan, raw, and gluten free options on the menu and they are very accommodating to all other dietary requirements upon advance request.

Next time you visit Brighton lead with your taste buds and try one or more of the incredible restaurants the city has to offer. There is something for all tastes with so many different world and fusion restaurants to choose from.

Thanks to Nikolai for providing today’s post! Do you have a favourite restaurant in Brighton or the UK? Do share it with us!

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