The Street Art of Dublin

Pretty in Pink - Street Art Dublin

Somebody needs to give me a week solely to explore the street art of Dublin, seriously. The city centre alone is more or less plastered with it. Wether it’s in your face, in your way, or sneakily hidden; wether it’s a tiny sticker on a traffic sign or a massive painting covering a whole wall; wether it’s beautiful, funny, political, philosophical, or absurd – it’s everywhere!

Another thing that I found special about the street art in Dublin is that you repeatedly find the works of the same artists. I hadn’t encountered that elsewhere before. It’s like being in a gigantic exhibition, where you wind up in front of a painting, light your pipe carefully, and then constate with effortless sophistication: “Ah, why! Is this not another fine example of so-and-so’s gentle strokes with the spray can, hum, hum. I can see he slightly changed style from his last opus in [insert street name] Street, which he did four months ago”.

Street Art Dublin by JTB

Or like a treasure hunt, when you discover that there are different stickers of the same type all over the city, and you kind of get in a frenzy… “Gotta catch them all!!”.

Ear Worm Stickers - Street Art Dublin

I also found that quite a bit of the existing art is legal. The Dublin City Council will work together with (street) artists (who can contact the Arts Office for a collaboration or if they want to use property of the council) and initiate projects, like the Dublin City Beta Projects, which are about testing concepts in the city, right on the streets. They have some excellent stuff going on!

Dublin City Beta Projects - Street Art Dublin

Last but not least, I found a lot of commissioned work as well. It’s not just the very funky or freaky shops that have graffitti on their walls and shutters; it’s all sorts of businesses. Looks great!

Street Art Dublin

What else did I find? …Ah, Kurt and Cortney, Thom Yorke, and then there’s one of the Gorillaz guys, and then… er… I’m lost: who’s he?

Rocking Street Art Dublin

This one is from Vadis and Tilf for the “Muro Street Art Event” (with a link for the Making-of, if you are interested).

Vadis & Tilf for "Muro" - Street Art Dublin

This is from a guy called Marcamix, who does stuff for the Evolve Urban Art Agency.

Marcamix - Street Art Dublin

That’s Elvis and a Geisha, no?

Geisha Mural - Street Art Dublin

Masks and lips – these are not so easy to spot.

The Faces of Dublin Street Art

Dining in an alley-way… behind some bins!

Dinner in the Alley - Dublin Street Art

Solus is also a well-known street-artist.

Solus, HEED & Co - Street Art Dublin

“You are not alone” and “I’m okay” were part of the ‘Street Art For Mental Health 2013’ campaign.

Street Art Dublin

Vadis (from before) and Zlashing are quite productive.

Vadis & Zlashing - Street Art Dublin

There is stuff EVERYWHERE.

Street Art Dublin

So who’s the New Kid On The Block?

New Kids On The Block - Street Art Dublin

Dublin hosts everyone.

Street Art Dublin

But I’m afraid we’re nearly done.

Street Art Dublin

Some serious eye-candy, to make it easier on you.

Street Art Dublin

Yep, she doesn’t look happy about it, either…

Evolve Urban Art - Street Art Dublin

Oh my god! They even have poetry!

Street Art Dublin

Right, that’s it, folks. And it’s nothing but a tiny fragment of what you can see in Dublin, really. I hope you enjoyed it - I did!

A big thank you to the Maldron Hotel at Parnell Square that accommodated us during our stay – and even helped us with finding some street art (Cheers, Daniel!)

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