In photos: From the Facebook page Edition VII

Sunset from Castle Oslo Copenhagen

Once you’ve got to seven of a thing, then I suspect introducing it is probably unnecessary. In fact, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to write in this part of the post any more.

The deal, in case the last six of these have passed you by (and good news if that is the case, you’ve got another SIX of these things to look at now!), is that due to the vagaries of the Facebook algorithm, and the fact that only 1 in 7 people on the planet have Facebook, it occurred to me that not everyone out there will be getting to see all the photos that we share on our Facebook page.

This seemed a terrible state of affairs, which I resolved to fix by posting a sort-of-monthly post, which involve me repeating myself in the introduction with long waffley paragraphs that no-one reads (high five if you’re still here), and then hitting you up with some eye candy consisting of the most popular shots from the aforementioned Facebook page.

Also, I’m not sure what I’ve been allowing to enter my brain recently, but I must apologise for the use of phrases like “hitting you up with some eye candy”. I don’t know what’s going on there. Let’s get on with this, what-ho!

Namtok Karom waterfall level 4 Khao Luang National Park Thailand

We had an amazing time in Thailand, particularly in some of the incredible national parks. This is the magnificent multi-tiered waterfall known as Namtok Karom, in the Khao Luang national park, just near the town of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Mount Taranaki trail

Ah, Mount Taranaki. One of New Zealand’s most perfect bits of mountain scenery, looking just like a volcano should. So perfect in fact, that it stood in for Japan’s Mount Fuji, in the Tom Cruise sword wielding epic: The Last Samurai. It’s also an amazing (and challenging!) day hike in New Zealand. Worth the effort, I assure you.

Painted desert Australian Outback Coober Pedy clouds sky.png

Deep in the Australian outback lies this incredibly colourful geological formation known as the Painted Desert. If you are in the Coober Pedy region, then you might want to take the side trip out here too. And on the way, you could stop off at the Moon Plain. Because why not?

Rhodendron tree against sky clouds coloured

Thailand’s Doi Inthanon national park is where you’ll find the highest peak in the country. It’s also home to some unique flora, such as this rhododendron, which can only be seen up here, amongst the clouds.

Road to Mount Cook

New Zealand sure has it’s fair share of scenic drives, and the road to Mount Cook National Park is no exception. Admittedly the road doesn’t go anywhere else, so you’re going to have to go back on yourself, but with views like this in every direction, that’s not exactly a hardship.

Sagrada Familia outside reflection 2

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia has to be my favourite cathedral in the world, and it’s not even finished yet, a fact the cranes give away. Over a hundred years in the making, this masterpiece has quite a way to go still, but it should still feature at the top of any visitors Barcelona itinerary.

Alien statue White temple Chiang Rai Thailand

From a wacky church in Spain to a wacky temple in Thailand – this of course being the White Temple of Chiang Rai, which as well as featuring, obviously, a white temple, also comes with some rather interesting garden ornaments. Another one that has to be seen to be believed.

Arc de Triomphe Paris

When visiting Paris, everyone will make a bee line for the Eiffel Tower, from where you can get some amazing views across the city. But the problem with the view of course is that it doesn’t feature Paris’s most famous landmark. So instead, why not climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, and get the view with the tower. Or do both. It is Paris after all.

Bird Island Seychelles

You can see my house from here! I love islands, which is a good thing, as I had the good fortune to grow up on the above island for a good few years of my life. This is Bird Island in the Seychelles. Pretty stunning, I think you’ll agree.

Carrot of Ohakune New Zealand

When all else fails, make a giant statue out of an ordinary object. That seems to be a very popular line of thinking in some parts of the world, with Australia and New Zealand in particular being big fans of this theory. The object in question is the giant carrot of Ohakune, on New Zealand’s north island. This area is one of the countries top carrot producing regions, although is also home to the incredible Tongaririo National Park and gorgeous hiking trails and waterfalls. And a carrot.

Chateau Lastours

France is no stranger to castles, although many of them are in the more recent renaissance style, all beauty and no beast, from a time when the French decided to switch from making war to making love. Well, as far as my rather vague understanding of European history goes. This example though, Chateau Lastours, is from a time when castles were built with function rather than form in mind, that function being war.

Clouds over Mt Bogong

When you think of Australia, you probably think of beaches, surfing, outback and crocodiles. But Australia is a land of contrast, with something to offer everyone. So if a bit of alpine scenery is more your thing, then you’ll want to head to the Victorian Alps, and take in a bit of spectacular mountain scenery. There’s even skiing, if that’s your thing.


At the time of writing, Europe is in the grip of a seemingly never ending Winter, with white Easter’s and snow bunnies all around. I posted this shot of some dandelions in the hope that it might hasten spring. The jury is still out as to the success, but at least I tried.

Devils Marbles at Sunset - Northern Territory

More from the central Australian outback, this time in the form of some boulders known as the Devil’s Marbles at sunset. There’s a lovely campground here, which is a good stop off point if you are heading through the red centre.

I'm pregnant here

I do enjoy a bit of rock art, although in this case the sentiment caught my eye. I’d love to know the story behind this one, and how it all worked out.

Inside Australia Lake Ballard Antony Gormley

More from Australia – this time the outback sculpture park known as Inside Australia, an installation by British artist Antony Gormley. It’s a bit of a trek into the Western Australian outback (although to be honest, everything in Australia is a bit of a trek, this is one big place), but entirely worth the visit, even if it’s a bit wet on the day of your visit.

Skiers on Val Thorens Ski area

That endless Winter I was telling you about? It encouraged me to post a skiing picture from a trip a few years back. If there’s one thing snow is good for (apart from making snowmen of course), it’s skiing. This is in the French alps.

Sand blowing over Farewell Spit

Talking of countries of contrast – would you have pegged this shot as being in New Zealand? Well done if so – this is a shot at farewell spit, a 26km long sand dune at the very northern tip of New Zealand’s south island. Great for a walk, and for birdlife.

Boy street art berlin scaled

And finally for today’s round up – we recently visited Berlin as part of our European adventure. And if there is one thing that Berlin does well, it’s street art. I loved the expression in this piece.

And that about wraps up the seventh edition of the series! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the post and pictures, and don’t forget you can like our Facebook page below to see all the photos we share with you guys!

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