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Night time photography, and in particular long exposures of starry nights, is an area of my photography I have been working on for a while. Below are some of my favourite shots of night skies, taken on my trip to Australia, where you can find some pretty stunning night sky views. For the curious, I use a Canon EOS 400D with an 18-80IS lens.

Stars whirling

The classic, stars wheeling about a central point. Taken near Wave Rock, in the Western Australian outback.

Camp at night

It’s amazing how much light you get from a candle. Our camp and vehicle were candlit, in the background you can see other campers using more powerful lights. This shot was taken near Margaret River, in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Stars twirling at night - Western Australia - Australia

Stars wheeling over our campfire, in the forests of south Western Australia.

Stars twirling into the fire

Here a bush fire provides an eerie glow into which the stars appear to be falling. Taken near Margaret River, in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Moon and campfire lit trees

 It’s not all stars at night of course. This is the moon, happily parked over our campfire in Gregory National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.

Moon rise, Western Australia

Here the moon rises out of the sea. Shot taken from our beach campsite in Francois Perron National Park, Western Australia.

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