The Stunning Landscapes of Glencoe

Glencoe sunset reflection ice water mountain highlands scotland

I have to admit that 2015 has started off rather well. I spent the New Year celebrating in Edinburgh, at one of the world’s most impressive New Year’s Eve celebrations – Scotland’s Hogmanay. My thoughts and photos from that adventure will up coming up on this blog soon.

After that, I took a road trip with some fellow travel photographers up to the Scottish Highlands, and specifically Glencoe. Marred with a tragic history, this also happens to be one of the most spectacular locations for landscape photography that I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting. Plus, I had some quite wonderful lighting conditions.

I was only in the area for a couple of days, but I managed to get a fair few shots to give you an idea of why you need to fly to Scotland, hire a car, and just visit as soon as you can. Let me know if you agree by the end of the photo essay!

Glencoe road mountains scotland highlands

Largely deserted roads, epic clouds and huge mountains. Did someone say photography paradise? I think they might have done. This is the start of the 14 mile road which was used in the Skyfall James Bond movie. It was so picturesque it took three hours to drive to the end and back again…

Glencoe sunset road highlands mountain scotland

Glencoe is all about brooding peaks and a narrow, oppressive valley. Visiting in January meant I could have been unlucky with the weather, as it was I had two days of nearly perfect light, and a golden hour that seemed to last all day. I’m not complaining.

Glencoe valley view Scotland highlands

There are countless hiking trails to take in the majesty of the area, if that’s your thing. I spotted this little trail and bridge from the road, and had to stop to shoot it. Those are the three sisters in the background.

glencoe waterfall highlands scotland

All those mountains and snow, not to mention the occasional spot of sideways rain and sleet, means of course that there are rivers galore. Here’s one of them in full flow!

Light over loch glencoe highlands scotland

Did I mention the light was pretty special? Here’s a shot of the light bursting through the clouds over one of the many lochs in the area.

light rays over Scottish highlands glencoe

It just kept changing and getting better!

mountains road scotland highlands glencoe clouds

Another brooding mountain with a single track road leading to ever more spectacular sights…

small cottage glencoe sunset valley scotland

Obviously you have to find a small cottage against a mountain to take a photo of. This one appeared to have been built specifically to pose wonderfully for photos.

three sisters and bridge glencoe scotland highlands

Here’s that bridge again, with the three sisters in the background. No trolls in sight, but I wouldn’t have been surprised to have found one.

waterfall glencoe highlands scotland

More waterfalls. It’s quite pretty here.

waterfall valley view Scotland highlands glencoe

And the same waterfall, looking the other way. It’s kind of hard to know what to shoot, it’s so scenic everywhere you look!

dante vanguard tripod highlands scotland glencoe

And to finish off, one of my fellow travellers, Dante takes in the gorgeous scenery of the valley. You can find Dante on Instagram here. I also travelled with Juno of Runaway Juno – check out both their sites for more photos and stories from our trip to the Scottish Highlands.

My trip to Glencoe was a part of the #blogmanay experience, which was part of Edinburgh's Hogmanay and was supported by ETAG, EventScotland, VisitScotland, Homecoming Scotland 2014 and co-creators Haggis Adventures. Created and produced by Unique Events. As always all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

A photo essay of the magnificent landscapes of Glencoe

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