Come To Paris With Us!

Peace Monument ~ France

Hello! You know what’s nice? Paris. Paris is really nice, even though it didn’t quite beat out Venice in my list of favourite European cities. A list I must re-visit at some point in the near future, as there are a whole bunch of cities I’ve visited in the interim that need to battle each other to the death.

As usual, I digress.

The purpose of this post is brief – I want to talk about Paris. More specifically, the opportunity for you to come along to Paris with us, and spend up to three days learning everything we can teach you about photography.

Who is this we I speak of? Why, none other than myself and Daniel Nahabedian, the talented chap behind Canvas of Light (winner of the 2014 bloggie for best photography weblog in the world!). And Vera is coming of course, because she likes Paris too. Who doesn’t?

Dan and I make up two thirds of Lightmoves Creative, a photography collaboration that we launched at the end of 2013, and with which we have already run hugely successful workshops in Dublin and Berlin, with more planned.

And the next one is planned for Paris, at the end of June 2014. The 27th – the 29th of June to be precise.


So what are we going to be doing in Paris? A lot! Prepare yourself for:

1. A whole day of walking around Paris, visiting such locations as Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the lovely River Seine and so on, using them as handy props upon which we shall hang our photography knowledge.

2. Two full days of workshops, with breaks for going outside and taking more pictures. We’re going to share with you everything photography related that we possibly can in the time available, from how to get the most out of your gear through to how to take your photography to the next level. There will be time spent in front of computers, learning how to make your images pop. And time spent behind the camera, learning how to capture images that you can make pop. Maybe we’ll get some popcorn too, and pop that.

3 Giant piles of fun. And coffee. And probably baguettes. And maybe some wine, if you behave yourself / are of appropriate age in France. We love taking pictures, and we want you to have an amazing time learning with us.

Louvre pyramid and tourists Paris

We’re going to be keeping this workshop small, as we try to do with all our workshops. There are ten spots in total, and they are filling up. Ten spots means that the two of us will get a lot of time with everyone, and everyone will have a lot of time with us.

No matter your level, your experience, or your goals, we’re going to be able to help you further your photography skills!

And where do you sign up for this smorgasboard of photography delight? Why, at the dedicated sign up page of course! Use the code FTUPHOTOGRAPHY, and you’ll even get 10% off. Because you rock.

Hope to see you there!

ps – if you’re a blogger or content creator and would like to tell your readers about this learning opportunity, we have an affiliate program that you guys are welcome to join! Contact details at the link.

I often get asked what gear I use for my photos. Check out my full Photography Gear post to find out!

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